Rainy Elliot
О моя чудесная, моя изумительная катастрофа...(с)// Это мой первый визит в Галактику Ужаса. И пусть он останется приятным(с)// Хорёк-параноик в фиолетовом плаще(почти(с))

Dr Doof teaching the boys the beauty of biology.
I really wish that they continued the Doof 101 spinoff, and Doof ended up being Phineas and Ferb’s high school science teacher- that would have been so much fun to watch.

“She’s…She’s absolutely perfect.”
A quick sketch of Doof holding his baby girl for the first time. I just love, love Doof as a dad.

So I saw a post about mind-controlled evil Perry and thought, cool how will that look with human Perry, and uh, this resulted.

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